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Sean Strickland's video breaking down over past child abuse draws mixed reactions

There's a reason Sean Strickland gave us all a heads up of his upcoming podcast interview on the Theo Von channel. He talks about being abused as a child by his father and completely breaks down while talking about it. A moment of vulnerability that pretty much no other UFC fighter let slide. In fact, most of the ones who reacted to this were almost ashamed one of their peers cried on camera. This reaction speaks to the poor management of emotions that goes on in combat sports. In the clip from the podcast, Sean Strickland details how he always feared his father would kill his mother when he was a child. Also, Strickland talks about the PTSD all of thatgenerated in his adult life.

At a certain moment of the conversation, Sean completely breaks down and starts sobbing right in front of Von. Theo also can't help but cry and tell Sean Strickland he is sorry for all that abuse he suffered as a child. At first glance, there is much to take from this interaction that can be considered an example. Many online applauded Sean Strickland's decision to show himself vulnerable but most UFC fighters didn't like that. Amongst the people who reacted in negative fashion to this are Henry Cejudo, Dricus Du Plessis, and Ian Garry. While two of them have beef with Strickland, Cejudo just thinks these moments of vulnerability are bad for the sport.

Has Sean Strickland responded to the online trolling?

Amid this moment that quickly went viral, Sean Strickland still hasn't responded to any of the reactions from his peers. Ian Garry did point out the double standard Strickland used when talking about crossing lines when trash talking is involved. Garry was trolled by Strickland due to the situation with his wife. Henry Cejudo criticized both Strickland and Alexander Volkanovski for showing themselves vulnerable.

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