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The Rock calls out Roman Reigns for potential mega fight in Wrestlemania 2024

Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson rarely ever goes back to the WWE for a surprise guest appearance but he remains one of the most beloved figures in wrestling today. During Monday's WWE RAW, he proved once again how important he has become to the community by making a surprise appearance and calling out none other than Roman Reigns for a potential fight in 2024. In today's WWE landscape, Reigns is hands down the most important wrestler and arguably the biggest box office draw. From the 'Attitude Era', The Rock has to be the most exciting talent who always stood out amongst many of the great stars from old. Fans havve been trying to demand for these two to get inside a ring and 'The Rock' had a special New Year surprise for all the fans.

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The Rock calls out Roman Reigns

Upon his return, The Rock arrived at the first 2024 WWE show with a massive standing ovation in a surprise appearance that made fans understand we will probably seehim more often in this new year. He took some time to get all his immortal phrases out of the way as he talked down on Jinder Mahal. But after doing that and finishing his show with 'The People's Elbow', The Rock made it clear he is after none other than Roman Reigns. Johnson made it clear he is returning but only if he gets a show to sit at the head of the table. Meaning he wants to go after the reigning Heavyweight champ, Romand Reigns.

Although he didn't mention Reigns by name, everybody knew of what The Rock is talking about and people loved every minute of it. Here what he said: "When The Rock goes out to eat something to eat in San Diego, should The Rock sit in a booth, or should The Rock sit at the bar. (Yeah, The Rock loves a bar too.) Or should The Rock sit at the head of the table?"

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