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Tom Brady bids farewell to Belichick: "Played for the best coach in NFL history"

Perhaps the most famous and successful head coach-quarterback partnership in the history of the NFL is the one that Bill Belichick and Tom Brady had for two decades, who together reached nine Super Bowls and won six, something that no other team has achieved.

Therefore, after Belichick's departure as coach of the Patriots, it was to be expected that Brady would issue his comments on the matter, and he did so through his Instagram account:

Bill Belichick's emotional farewell to Patriot fans: "I'll always be a patriot"M.C.

"I'm incredibly grateful to have played for the best coach in the history of the NFL. He was a great leader for the organization, and for all of the players who played for him. We accomplished some amazing things over a long period of time, many of which will be hard to replicate. he worked every day to help us achieve the ultimate goal, in the ultimate team sport.

"And, although we were successful, some of the greatest lessons I learned were in the moments where we faced the most challenging adversities. He set the tone for the organization to never falter in the face of adversity, and to do what we could do, and what was in our control, which was to go out and DO OUR JOB.

"I could never have been the player I was without you Coach Belichick. I am forever grateful. And I wish you the best of luck in whatever you choose next", Brady wrote.

Belichick leaves Patriots grateful for his time spent there

On today's press conference, Bill Belichick talked about his long time in New England: "I am very proud of everything we achieved, of the memories, they are things that I will carry with me for the rest of my life," expressed the legendary coach.

"I want to thank everyone, starting with the assistant coaches I had in all these years, great coaches with whom we achieved unforgettable things. I also want to thank the players, who were always first class. They are the greatest. Even if they didn't win championships, I will always appreciate their dedication, professionalism and effort," he added.

"And I want to thank the fans, who have been extraordinary. I have many memories with them, from Sundays on game day to the parades when we won championships. And finally I want to thank my family. I take great memories from here. I will always be a Patriot, but now we have to move on and think about the future," he said.

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