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Tom Brady never played baseball...but his signed trading card just sold for big bucks

Tom Brady never played baseball professionally, however, back in high school before Patriots glory, he made the Montreal Expos team being picked in the 18th round, and was considered 507th overall, however, was not a scenario that would compete for him to say no to his Michigan State scholarship.

Tom Brady's NFL success permeated the MLB trading card collectors circuit

The Topps trading card company issued a one-of-a-kind Tom Brady Montreal Expos Superfractor version of the QB wearing the Canadian's team uniform.

Brady sings one-of-a-kind item

As part of the stunt, there was a video where the Super Bowl winner was recorded signing the actual card to be included in the lucky package.

Topps made an excellent video about the card where they imagined a world where all his NFL glory happened with the MLB's Montreal Expos.

What if Tom Brady really played for the Expos?

How much was Tom Brady's card sold for?

Once collectors caught wind of the item, the price went up, and when the lucky Minnesota hobbyist found the card in the package, he put it up for auction on the Goldin collector's platform creating a bidding war that ended when the item was sold for a whopping 158,600.

Which other athletes played in the NFL and the MLB?

Talented athletes could lead in other sports; however, the results are not necessarily the same, such is the case of Michael Jordan when he played for the Chicago White Sox during a stint where he took a break from the NBA.

Back in 1987, Los Angeles Raiders' Bo Jackson also had his talents shared with the Kansas City Royals while in 1989 Deon Sanders also played for the Atlanta Falcons and the New York Yankees and even made it to the World Series with the Atlanta Braves in 1992.

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