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Floyd Mayweather subdues Conor McGregor

The result was as expected: US boxer Mayweather won the 50th pro fight of his career against Irish mixed martial arts star McGregor. With that, Mayweather broke a decade-old record.

40-year-old Floyd Mayweather defeated eleven years younger Conor McGregor on Sunday night in Las Vegas in the tenth round by technical K.O. Mayweather dominated the fight against the boxing rookie after scoring some in the opening laps.

"A win is a win," Mayweather said, resisting critics who had expected more aggression from him. He repeatedly confirmed his retirement: "That was my last fight today, that's for sure."

Mayweather broke with the victory of the age-old record of 1955 Rocky Marciano, who had 49 victories in the account.

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