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Dovizioso wins in Spielberg

It was an adrenaline show, as shown by Andrea Dovizioso (Ducati) and Marc Marquez (Honda) in the last seven rounds of the Austrian Grand Prix.

Again and again they swapped the lead and delivered razor-sharp duels at incredible speed.

With two laps to go, Dovizioso was in the lead and Marquez struggled on the final groove to pull past the Italian.

"There is nothing better than overtaking Marquez on the last lap," Dovizioso said afterwards in the finish area. And everyone who watched the race could understand what he meant by that.

Although maybe a tick too far back, Marquez risked everything in the last corner on the start and finish, braked late, came over, but went a little way and just managed to push his bike around the bend waiting for Doviziosos response. The two pilots almost collided, but a huge amount of acrobatics and body control prevented the worst.

Dovizioso managed to pull away and won the race.

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