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Danny Cipriani fined by Gloucester over nightclub incident

Danny Cipriani was fined £ 2,000 and received 10 hours of community service from Gloucester after pleading guilty to attacking a bouncer and opposing the presidential detention in Jersey. Nonetheless, the club continues to oppose the Rugby Football Association's decision to prosecute him for discrediting the game.
The 30-year-old will face an RFU disciplinary hearing scheduled for the end of the week after discipline director David Barnes has decided to crack down on the player after his arrest.
Cipriani was involved in an incident at a nightclub in Jersey in the early hours of the morning of Wednesday morning, and the Gloucester player argued with a doorman as he tried to drink outside. The two began to fight after Cipriani tried to grab the bouncer's camera, and when the police arrived, he resisted the arrest by three policemen and left a female officer with a bruise on her arm and marks on her neck.

Gloucester head coach says Cipriani is a "positive influence" on the side.

Cipriani apologized after receiving £ 2,000 in punishment from the Magistrate's Court in Jersey and was ordered to pay £ 250 to the female officer. After an internal review, Gloucester have decided to undergo a similar punishment along with their summer signing to help charitable work by assisting with their program and coach young players in the local area.
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