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Snowboarding: Anna Gasser lands first "Cab Triple Underflip 1260"

Snowboard Olympic champion Anna Gasser is the first woman to land an "Cab Triple Underflip 1260" and once again entering the sports history books.

Gasser's jump was a triple reverse half-turn, which was approached with the "wrong" foot ahead (switch). "I did some doubles before, but they were all relaxed and the conditions were perfect and the kicker on the Stubai Glacier is very big, so I just tried the triple, so I could do that jump on the very first attempt, "said Gasser.

The feeling on the first meters after the landing was "extremely cool". "It was one of my goals to be the first woman to do a triple, so I am very happy that I actually made it and helped the girls snowboard to the next level." Gasser was filmed on her trick by a camera crew from the BBC, which is currently shooting a portrait about the Carinthian. Five years ago, Gasser was also the first woman to show a "Cab Double Cork 900" on the Stubai Glacier.

The Austrian wants so show the newly learned, extremely difficult trick only in exceptional cases in competitions. "When Big Air events are driven on a ramp, a triple does not work out because of the slow startup speed, and I can only imagine that the jump at the X Games in Aspen works, where the kickers also work very well but everything has to fit together perfectly there as well, "the 27-year-old said.

Gasser had posted a video of the jump late on Tuesday evening on Instagram, until Wednesday 10.00 clock early there were already nearly 109,000 views. The snowboarder started on 3rd November in third place in the Big Air World Cup of Modena in her competition season.

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