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UEFA Nations League Matchday 5: Germany relegates, Portugal is group winner, Croatia beats Spain

The Dutch national football team has sealed the Germany's relegation into the B League of Nations. The "Oranjes" defeated France 2-0 (1-0) on Friday in Rotterdam and now even have the chance to finish a Group 1 winner. The Dutch are one point behind France, but still have the match in Germany in front of them.

Denmark secured the promotion in the highest performance class. The Danes passed the previous Group 4 leader in the B-League with a 2-1 victory in Cardiff, Wales. Nicolai Jörgensen (42.) initiated the success shortly before the break, Martin Braithwaite (88.) closed the bag. The goal from Gareth Bale (89.) came too late.

In Group B1 Slovakia celebrated a surprisingly clear 4-1 victory over Ukraine. However, the Ukrainians were already determined as group winners and promoted.

Portugal has also made it without star superstar Cristiano Ronaldo as the first team to make it into the final tournament of the Football Nations League. The European champions were handed a goalless draw in Milan against Italy on Saturday to fix the Group A3 victory. The "Squadra Azzurra" finished with five points in second place.

In Group C4, Serbia defended first place with a 2-1 home win over pursuers and neighbors Montenegro. The only remaining competitor in the fight for the group victory is Romania after a 3-0 victory against Lithuania. The Romanians have two points less before the last round.

Vice World Champion Croatia has averted relegation from League A of the Nations League and may now even speculate with the group victory. The Croatians won 3-1 at home against Spain on Thursday night (0-0), with Tin Jedvaj scoring the winning goal in the 93rd minute.

Full Results:

Thursday 15 November

League A
Group A2: Belgium 2-0 Iceland
Group A4: Croatia 3-2 Spain

League B
Group B3: Austria 0-0 Bosnia and Herzegovina

League C
Group C2: Greece 1-0 Finland, Hungary 2-0 Estonia

League D

Group D1: Kazakhstan 1-1 Latvia, Andorra 1-1 Georgia
Group D2: San Marino 0-1 Moldova, Luxembourg 0-2 Belarus

Friday 16 November

League A
Group A1: Netherlands 2-0 France

League B
Group B1: Slovakia 4-1 Ukraine
Group B4: Wales 1-2 Denmark

League C

Group C3: Cyprus 1-1 Bulgaria, Slovenia 1-1 Norway

League D
Group D4: Liechtenstein 0-2 FYR Macedonia, Gibraltar 2-6 Armenia

Saturday 17 November

League A

Group A3: Italy 0-0 Portugal

League B
Group B2: Turkey 0-1 Sweden

League C
Group C1: Albania 0-4 Scotland
Group C4: Serbia 2-1 Montenegro, Romania 3-0 Lithuania

League D
Group D3: Azerbaijan 2-0 Faroe Islands, Malta 0-5 Kosovo
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