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Snooker: Judd Trump wins Masters at the first attempt

The 2019 Masters finale was a bit unusual.

It should have beeb a snooker festival of superlatives. Everything indicated that superstar Ronald O'Sullivan and supertalent Judd Trump would fight hard.

Trump had dominated his games to the finals, which was expected to make a strong appearance. O'Sullivan had not played at the his best level, but showed both motivation and stamina.

We expected all sorts of things, but not the most boring Masters finals since Barry Hawkins was dissolved in 2016 - the other way around.

Judd Trump won the title in his first Masters final. Thanks to a strong first session, he beat Ronnie O'Sullivan clearly 10: 4. At 7: 1 Trump had led to the afternoon; this was already a preliminary decision.

After the UK Championship 2011, this was Trump's second triumph at a Triple Crown event. Only the world title is missing.
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