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Formula 1: The 2019 cars in the overview

The new Formula 1 cars are ready for the 2019 season. The cars were all presented in February, with Haas kicking off on February 7 with a presentation of the new design. Toro Rosso and Williams were on the 11th of February. Renault's performance took place on February 12th.

Finally, on February 13, the Mercedes and the Red Bull rolled out of the garage during a shakedown at Silverstone. With Racing Point in Canada another team introduced his new car. It was followed by McLaren on February 14, ahead of Ferrari on the 15th and Alfa Romeo on the 18th. At the beginning of the winter test drives on February 18, all vehicles had seen the light of the public.

Some changes to the Formula 1 cars for 2019? Red Bull is the only team with Honda to rely on a new drive supplier. It's also clear that the new Haas racer has a fresh look in the colors of its new main sponsor Rich Energy. At Williams vanishes in 2019 on Formula 1 cars the distinctive martini design.

Haas VF-19: The Americans have pulled the cloth as the first team of their new car - which is only half the truth. On February 7th in London, the new livery of main sponsor Rich Energy was shown, reminiscent of the famous black and gold John player special design by Lotus. As an auto-basis, the old VF-18 was taken. The new car was unveiled on 18 February in Barcelona. First digital renderings of the VF-19 were published on the day of the design presentation.

Toro Rosso STR14: Big surprises did not happen as expected. The new Bolide, which was presented online on February 11, is essentially a redesigned 2018 Red Bull model with a new front wing. The engine comes as in the previous year from Honda. Even the design is very similar to the previous year.

Williams FW42: The traditional team has not yet announced the technical details of the 2019er Boliden, but already presented the new livery. The background is the change of the title sponsor: Martini said goodbye at the end of 2018. The new main donors are owned by the lifestyle and phone company ROKiT and not Kubica sponsor PKN Orlen, as first thought. The color scheme does not change radically: it has become a white-light blue design.

Renault R.S.19: The presentation took place on the 12th of February in the team factory in Enstone. According to team boss Cyril Abiteboule, there is not much to see in addition to the usual black and yellow design, as the technical development is still ongoing. Nevertheless, the car is already heavily adapted to the new rules - to see especially on the front wing. Even the multi-slotted barge boards stand out immediately. The powertrain is as usual an in-house production.

Mercedes F1 W10 EQ Power +: A classic presentation of the F1 W10 EQ Power + did not exist, just a Shakedown in camera at Silverstone. At 11 o'clock (CET) finally a first picture was shown online. The World Champion Bolide by Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas comes in a slightly different look. The design became simpler. Particularly striking were the side boxes. The powertrain will be self-produced as usual in 2019. The first "fire-up" of the engine took place on February 8th.

Red Bull RB15: The presentation date for the RB15 was also scheduled for February 13th. At noon, a first picture of the new Renner by Max Verstappen and Pierre Gasly was presented online. To the surprise of many, the car showed a completely new look. However, the new, aggressive red-blue livery will not be used throughout the season. At the shakedown in Silverstone Verstappen was allowed to turn the first laps with the new Honda engine.

Racing Point RP19: At the Motor Show in Toronto, Canada, the new livery of Sergio Perez and Lance Stroll was unveiled. The team was able to land a new main sponsor, which changed the team name a bit. In the color scheme, the former Force India troupe remained faithful: Rosa dominated the car, added a little blue. The name of the new car is RP19. The powertrain comes as in previous years from Mercedes.

McLaren MCL34: The Woking team presented the MCL34 online in a live presentation. The new hit of the traditional team from the UK continues to rely on the colors papaya-orange with blue, the design has, however, clearly different from previous years. In the rear, blue triangles create a modern look. Under the bonnet, as in 2018, there is a drive from Renault.

Ferrari SF90: The presentation took place on February 15th at the headquarters in Maranello, Italy. The name of the car is SF90, because Ferrari is celebrating its 90th anniversary this year. The internal code name is 670. The powertrain is as usual.

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