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Mediterranean countries dominate the European Shooting Championship

The Mediterranean countries left their mark on the 10m European Shooting Championship which was held in Osijek, Croatia.

The countries that won medals in a total of 15 finals in men and women were Italy, Serbia, Greece and France, with the Italian team making the best appearance with one gold, two silver and one bronze medal.

Two silver medals and one bronze medal were won by Serbia, while Greece and France won one silver medal.

Among the Mediterranean countries, Italy made the best appearance in the TEAM EVENT 10m AIR PISTOL MEN, winning the gold medal with Giuseppe Giordano, Paolo Monna and Alessio Torrocchi.

For Serbia, Damir Mikec landed on the second step of the podium in the air pistol with 239.9 as well as the men’s team in the air rifle. The third place was won by the mixed team in the air rifle.

Olympic champion of Greece Anna Korakaki won the silver medal in the air pistol with 242.9 and, for France, the silver medal was won by Brian Baudouin in the air rifle with 627.0.

The gold medal in 10m AIR PISTOL Men was won by the russian Korostylov Pavlo and the gold in 10m AIR PISTOL Women was taken by the Polish athlete Bres Klaudia.
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