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Shocking Video: Austrian Olympic skier caught by police in the middle of blood transfusion

The Austrian athlete Max Hauke ​​was caught doping at the Nordic World Ski Championships in Seefeld. A police video of the mission appeared. The athlete was caught red-handed in his room. With the doping needle in his arm, he looks completely shocked into the camera.

On the only a few seconds long shot, Hauke ​​is sitting on a sofa with a blood transfusion in his left arm, in the background is a police officer.
Professional skiier Max Hauke gets caught in the act using performance enhancing drugs under the skiing world cup from r/sports

Released from custody

Thursday late afternoon the cross-country skiers Max Hauke ​​and Dominik Baldauf have been released from custody. Since their arrest Wednesday morning they were interrogated by officials of the Federal Criminal Police Office, every detail of the mega-scandal was illuminated. The two Austro-athletes and a Kazakh cross-country skier stood the autologous blood doping. During the interrogation, they also provided extensive information on the course of the doping scandal. Two arrested Estonian cross-country skiers and two employees of a German sports medicine doctor were still in prison.

If convicted, the two Austrians face unconditional imprisonment for up to three years. The serious allegation is: Sport fraud and the use of prohibited doping methods. For cross-country skiers, the presumption of innocence applies.
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