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Shocking Victory As Norwich City Beat Manchester City Champions 3-2

Shockingly, Norwich City beat Manchester City 3 - 2 in Carrow Road on Saturday night, in what is being described as a humiliating defeat for the champions.

Manchester launched a scathing attack on the Norwich team early in the game but ultimately saw the champions suffered their first Premier League defeat since January.

Twitter users reacted with amazement at the unlikely result as #NORMCI began to trend.

​The appraisal was echoed by some Manchester supporters.

​Rodri Hernandez took Manchester's 2nd and final goal of the match with a low shot into the bottom left of the net, with Krul narrowly failing to fend off the attack.

A quick pass from Buendi saw Pukki slam Norwich's third goal past Stones into the inside-right channel.

Things looked tense just before half time with the Norwich team narrowly ahead following a much-needed header from Aguero of Manchester at the 49 minute mark.

Norwich were leading by 2 at 32 minutes after Manchester's slacking defence saw Cantwell side-foot the ball into the net.

28 minutes after kick-off McLean drove in a powerful header, Norwich's first goal of the game.

The match is a huge shock as the Manchester champions were predicted to win by a 4-1 margin.

Despite Norwich missing 11 players, the result placed the underdogs into the 12th spot in the Premier League, with Liverpool remaining in 1st place with 15 points and Manchester City in 2nd with 10.

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