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Honey Badger: Video Shows Zlatan Ibrahimovic Striding the Pitch Amid Total Chaos

The Los Angeles Galaxy soccer club uploaded a video clip this week showing team striker Zlatan Ibrahimovich striding carelessly in slow motion as fans all around him storming the field collide with referees following a Thursday game with the Colorado Rapids.

It is not entirely clear what is going on in the video, as fans appear to be targeting the referees to prevent them from approaching Ibrahimovich.

​Pumping up the incomprehensibility, the first referee to approach Ibrahimovich appears to fall in his tracks, as if he ran into an invisible wall without touching the Swedish player.

“Zlatan dropped the first guy by using The Force,” one fan tweeted.

But whatever was going on at the field, the look on Ibrahimovich’s face made it perfectly clear that he doesn’t care. 

One user posted an edited version of the video, accompanied with Enya’s masterpiece,“Only Time”, claiming it was “x1000 better” this way.

“You’re hired,” the LA Galaxy replied.

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