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UFC’s Michel Pereira Pulls Insane Acrobatic Moves in Fight Against Tristan Connelly

Brazilian UFC fighter Michel ‘Demolidor’ Pereira, 25, stunned spectators on Saturday with a series of acrobatic moves against his 33-year old Canadian opponent, Tristan ‘Boondock’ Connelly. 

During the fight, Pereira used the octagon wall to kick himself towards Connelly, which, for a moment, looked like Superman’s characteristic flight.

​He chased Connelly around the cage with a series of somersaults which Connelly opted to avoid entirely.

​And in a particularly stunning moment, Pereira pulled a back somersault over the Canadian who was at that moment lying on the floor, in a move which could have easily killed the man. The flip appeared to be mostly for show and did no damage to his downed opponent.

​Unfortunately for Pereira, Connelly eventually got the Brazilian under control and kept punching until the referee ended the fight to the audience’s unanimous cheer.

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