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Russian Speed Skater Pavel Kulizhnikov Beats World Record at World Championships

Kulizhnikov broke the world record in speed skating showing the best time in the men's race of 1 minute, 5.69 seconds.

Kulizhnikov reportedly suffered a minor injury the day before his triumphant finish. His coach, Dmitry Dorofeev, told journalists that he was worried about Kulizhnikov's ability to race after the athlete was said to have dislocated his shoulder.

"He did a lot of trial starts today, and when the hand slightly parted, he did a few more combat ones. But the first steps did not work, he "felt", then ran, and

it was clearly visible. Everything had to work out for the record", Dorofeev stated.
The coach suggested that Kulizhnikov's injury could have been the result poor planning on the part of the tournament's disciplines.

"We try to approach all difficulties philosophically, but yesterday after Pasha's fall it was difficult to do this. There was anger, frustration. It is unclear why such a high-speed non-Olympic distance should be set on the first day. We will think about it and it is unlikely that we will take such risks before the Olympics at such important starts with team sprint", Dorofeev suggested.

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