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Russian Speed Skater Voronina Breaks World Record, Claims World Championship Gold Medal

Voronina claimed the gold medal followed by the Czech Republic's Martina Sablikova, who showed the second time of 6.41,184. Sablikova also broke the world record during an earlier race.

Voronina, a bronze medalist at the 2018 Olympics in the 5000 metres, did not claim any medals at the world and European Championships. During the salt lake city competition, she won bronze in the 3000 metres.

Another Russian athlete Elena Sokhryakova came as the tenth, showing the time of 6.59,582.

Executive Director of the Russian skating Union Varvara Barysheva has commended the achievement of Voronina.

"It is difficult even to convey in words what we feel now, all those who support our skating sport. This is a unique achievement for modern Russian in long-distance speed skating. Natasha did something incredible. Incredible run, incredible result! These seconds concreted her into the history of the speed skating, national speed skating. Natasha had some issues with sleeping before the season and now she suffers from this issue also. But what has happened now is undescribable", Barysheva said.


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