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Neymar intrigue continues following retirement comments

Former Paris Saint-Germain player Jerome Rothen has criticised Neymar's recent comments about how the 2022 World Cup in Qatar may be his last.

It has not come at the perfect time, considering he has recently received criticism for his performances at PSG.

"His latest comments are horrible for PSG," said Rothen.

"He is going through a rough patch and is showing a lack of commitment to the club.

"Neymar is a fabulous player when he is on form, but the problem is that he is going through a rough patch, he lacks courage."

"The love he has for Brazil is clear," Rothen continued. "He wants to win the World Cup.

"His last chance will be in Qatar, in a year.

"But when you are a player of this level, being an iconic figure for a club does more.

"You have to face your responsibilities."

Support from Thiago Silva

Former PSG teammate Thiago Silva took to social media to declare his support for Neymar.

"If you need someone strong by your side, you should know that I will always be there," the 37-year-old wrote on his Instagram story.

"The Silva family loves you."

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