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LeBron James and Anthony Davis sought out Damian Lilliard to join Lakers

During the offseason, both LeBron James and Anthony Davis looked to draft a point guard to bolster the Los Angeles Lakers, the final decision was to take Russell Westbrook, however, another great option was Damian Lilliard.

Lilliard was hurt by Portland's elimination

According to a report by Chris Haynes of Yahoo Sports, Lilliard was very disappointed after his team, the Portland Trail Blazers were eliminated in the first round of the Western Conference playoffs to the Denver Nuggets.

That is why both "The King" and "The Brow" approached "Dame" about the option of making a "Big 3" with them, offering him the opportunity to win a championship, contending for the Larry O'Brien Trophy as he has not achieved in the Oregon State city.

A chance meeting?

However, according to the words Lilliard offered Haynes, it was not a recruitment, rather a chance meeting.

I just want to be in a position to win it all

Damian Lilliard

"'Bron asked what I was thinking with my situation, and I told him what I'm telling you: that I just want to be in a position to win it all," Lillard told Yahoo Sports. "He painted the picture to me that if I were to leave, the situation could look like this. He didn't tell me to come to L.A., and he didn't say anything to me that I didn't already know other than what it could look like. I told him, 'I know if I were to play with y'all, I know it would work out because of my skill set,' and who I am and who they are."

In the end, Lilliard stayed in Portland, however, the story could have been different.

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