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Victim in Ruggs crash identified: Who was Tina Tintor?

A 23-year-old Las Vegas resident was driving along with her pet at 3:40 a.m. last Tuesday morning when Las Vegas Raiders star wide receiver Henry Ruggs III hit her with his Chevrolet Corvette into the back of her Toyota RAV4. Her name Tina Tintor, as reported by authorities.

She screamed in despair as she burned alive

Tintor's car immediately flew into the air and caught fire, the young woman was trapped and desperately screaming as she burned alive.

She died shortly thereafter without being able to be helped by firefighters who came to extinguish the fire.

According to a story in the Las Vegas Review Journal, several of Tintor's family members attended Ruggs' first court hearing, where bail was set for the Raiders wide receiver until last Tuesday at $150,000.

Family tragedy

No family members gave statements after the hearing, however, Clark County District Attorney Steve Wolfson spoke with them:

This was a terrible, terrible collision

Steve Wolfson

"They're torn apart," Wolfson said. "This was a terrible, terrible collision, so they're mourning their loss. They're grieving. They're mad."

Ruggs III appeared at his first hearing

According to a story in The U.S. Sun, at the aforementioned hearing, Rugs III appeared in a wheelchair and a neck brace.

Ruggs III at his hearing

Ruggs III at his hearing

The lamentation and frustration did not cease on social networks, such is the case of a friend close to Tina Tintor, whose name was not identified but who gave the following statement to The Sun:

It is heartbreaking. I can't believe it

Tinta Tintor's friend.

"I spoke to her a month ago. I happened to see her around the Summerlin area and I greeted her. Her and myself have been friends since we were sophomores in high school. It is heartbreaking. I can't believe it."

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