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Fan assaulted by Mike Tyson threw a water bottle at him, watch the fight's full video

We finally have more information about the video released by TMZ of Mike Tyson going to town on a fan who seemed to be annoying him. Celebrities pay a price of completely losing their anonimity when they gain wealth and success. None of them is safe from paparazzi or deranged fans who want selfies and obssess over them.

Getting entangled in an altercation with a celebrity over a picture or an autograph is already a bad idea, but doing so with Mike Tyson himself has to be considered an extreme sport at this point. The fan probably wasn't thinking when he started harassing the former Heavyweight champion, he also didn't think about the consequences of allegedly throwing him a water bottle before the video was filmed.

Mike Tyson goes to town punching a fan during a comercial flight

This fan forgets that despite he is now a peaceful man who usually doesn't get into altercations with anybody, Mike Tyson is still an ex convict and a registered sex offender. Although he has repented from his previous law violations and surely still struggles to forgive himself for what he did, that dark self of his is still burried within him.

No sane individual would even entertain the idea of messing with Mike Tyson in a narrow space such as an airplane. Even though Mike probably deserves getting arrested for what he did, the fan was asking for that reaction from 'Iron' Mike. Celebrities tend to be nice to people but crossing the line will get these types of reactions from them.

Is Mike Tyson getting arrested?

As of right now, Mike Tyson hasn't gotten arrested and he is expected to make a public appearance later on Thursday at a marijuana industry event in Miami. His representatives spoke to the press to reveal that the fan threw a water bottle at Tyson for refusing to take a selfie with him.

Here's what they said: "Unfortunately, Mr. Tyson had an incident on a flight with an aggressive passenger who began harassing him," Tyson's reps said Thursday, "and threw a water bottle at him while he was in his seat." That fan should think twice in the future before approaching a celebrity to get on their close proxinity or private space. He frankly got off easy.

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