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Violence crisis in American sports: Why is it happening and how can it be fixed?

In recent times, the behavior of fans attending stadiums in different sports in the United States, without generalizing, has not been the best.

From protests of various kinds for animal rights issues, anger with players, coaches and referees, direct or indirect aggressions to superstars, without incident that have caused real tragedies like what happened in Queretaro in Liga MX.

We have lived a week like no other, here are several explanations that are possible symptoms of this disease.

The social networks

For a long time, some of the main social networks such as Twitter and Facebook, were used, in sports, to express opinions, share information, etc. However, since a couple of years, aggressions and violent interaction between the once unattainable sports personalities and fans has been shortened to a dangerous degree.

The return to stadiums in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic

Physical violence doesn't occur until the face-to-face events return, all the anger and repression contained behind a computer has found fertile ground to explode when fans, long cloistered, have been able to express their own frustrations by now having license to return to the stands.

Surely many of those who were violent in networks with certain athletes, have now manifested all that frustration detained for months and months, expressing it irresponsibly and putting at risk not only their physical integrity, but also that of the athletes, who also, in some cases, have responded in a very unfortunate way.

What can be done to solve the problem?

Certainly there are important corrective measures that have to do with increasing the number of security elements that are on the lookout for these incidents and invasions, however, it is also important to emphasize that the athletes themselves, the teams, have to understand this problem, get closer to their fans, seek dialogue, make them understand the importance of the difference between expressing their discontent in civilized places and doing so in a violent and illegal manner.

On the other hand, it is important that those who break this behavior suffer legal consequences, to set clear examples of what is allowed and what is forbidden.

It is the right time to cut off these outbreaks of violence in sporting events, otherwise, there is a risk that this will grow and tragedies will occur that, in other parts of the world, are already part of the routine.

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