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The Mbappe situation: PSG's bigger offer, rumours, family and the player's desire

There is total confidence and serenity at Real Madrid regarding the future of Kylian Mbappe, who was in Madrid on Monday, having lunch with his Paris Saint-Germain teammate Achraf Hakimi.

In fact, Mbappe told Real Madrid's directors that he has not changed his mind and stressed that the situation is intact, with his desire being none other than to play for Real Madrid.

Over the past week, there have been various rumours and reports, all of which have been leaked with the intention to take Mbappe away from Real Madrid.

They all pointed to Mbappe's possible contract renewal agreement with Paris Saint-Germain, which would make his arrival at Real Madrid impossible. However, the Frenchman's mother has denied any kind of deal between PSG and Mbappe.

There's also been talk about the possible influence of Mbappé's family in his final decision. Something similar happened in 2017, when Real Madrid tried to sign the France international while he was still a Monaco player.

However, on this occasion, Mbappe is the one to have the final word and this has not changed, as the player confirmed to people from Real Madrid last week.

Mbappe's desire is to play for Los Blancos despite the amount of pressure that has been put on him to stay in Paris. His intention is to part ways with PSG and the club's supporters in the best possible way.

Perhaps his trip to Madrid with Achraf was not the best thing he could have done given the existing tension. However, he is not willing to announce any agreement with Real Madrid before the end of the season.

Real Madrid ruled out the possibility of signing Erling Haaland from Borussia Dortmund and focused all their efforts on the potential arrival of Mbappe.

That said, in the unlikely and unexpected event of a turnaround in the situation, the Real Madrid train would have left the station for good for the French international.

Real Madrid's approach would change, but the confidence that the commitment will be maintained is total.

The deal he will reach with Los Blancos will make him the highest paid player in the squad, but the deal offered by the LaLiga Santander champions is far lower than what PSG allegedly offered.

In the event his joins ahead of next season, Mbappe will be a Real Madrid star. Yet, he will have full awareness of the hierarchy in the dressing room, the roles of the players and the possibility of playing, at times or in the future, as a centre-forward.

In any case, PSG's offer to renew his contract is far higher than what Real Madrid are offering him, image rights aside. However, Mbappe is prioritising the sporting aspect over the financial rewards.

No meeting is planned in the coming days between Mbappe's representatives and Real Madrid. Until PSG's season is over on May 21, there will be no movement whatsoever.

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