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Tom Brady makes the NFL suffer: Trouble with the calendar for his comeback

When Tom Brady announced his retirement from the NFL on Feb. 1 after 22 legendary seasons with the New England Patriots and Tampa Bay Buccaneers, suddenly his current team's bonuses dropped ostensibly, so when the schedule began to be put together, there was an idea for this aspect.

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However, 40 days later Brady got cold feet and changed the plans of many people by announcing his return for the 23rd season, one of the most affected were the people dedicated to solve the crossword puzzle that involves the generation of the calendar, in which many variants and interests are in dispute.

How did Brady affect the NFL schedule?

It is no surprise to anyone that Brady's Bucs games are the most coveted by all the networks that have NFL broadcasting rights, therefore, the 17 games he will play had to be moved and with that, they practically had to reassemble the calendar from scratch when TB12 announced his return.

"When Tom Brady retired, we were concerned about the strength of the NFC package because there were so many terrific Tampa Bay games we were looking at," NFL broadcasting chief Howard Katz said in an interview with Sam Farmer of the Los Angeles Times.

The schedule for the 2022 NFL season will be officially released on Thursday, May 12, and it will show how Brady and Tampa Bay will match up against the Seattle Seahawks at the Allianz Arena in Munich in the first regular-season NFL game in Germany, among others.

The Buccaneers' most important games

In addition, home games against the defending champions Los Angeles Rams, against Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers, as well as against Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs.

In the away games, Brady and the Bucs will have to watch Brady and the Bucs against the Dallas Cowboys, against his favorite team as a child, the San Francisco 49ers, and against Deshaun Watson's Cleveland Browns.

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