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Tom Brady vs. Aaron Rodgers: the lesson that time takes its toll on everyone

When talking about a duel between Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers, the expectation is very high, it is normal because we are talking about two legends in the history of the NFL, however, it seems that father time is finally taking its toll on the quarterbacks of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Green Bay Packers, respectively.

Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady's slow starts to the season

Are Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen on the brink of the divorce?

The Packers ended up prevailing 14-12 over the Buccaneers, in a result that sounds odd for a matchup between Rodgers and Brady, if we add to this that between the two of them they got two touchdowns for two interceptions, it's impossible to deny that it wasn't the show most were hoping for.

After three weeks played, it's fair to say that Rodgers' and Brady's starts to the season are well below the numbers that have given them both finishing last season in first and second place for MVP voting.

Distractions have affected Rodgers and Brady

In Rodgers' case, the offseason began with doubt about whether he would retire or leave the Packers, after the decision to stay in Green Bay came the departure of Davante Adams to the Las Vegas Raiders, followed by controversy after publicly criticizing his own receivers during training camp and controversy for agreeing to use ayahuasca to alleviate his multiple aches and pains.

Packers' Rodgers enjoyed taunting Bears fans after getting "the double bird"AP

Brady's story is even more famous, he announced his retirement in February, regretted it in March, and in training camp he was mysteriously absent for 11 days to settle personal matters, followed by the well-known report of the difficult time he is having with his wife Gisel Bündchen due to the aforementioned regret of the seven-time Super Bowl winner.

And despite everything described here, both Packers and Buccaneers have a positive record of 2-1, are on top of the NFC North and Sir, respectively, and we can't count them out, will they prove once again that they can beat the clock?

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