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Buffallo Bills fans help players plow snow to reach the airport ahead of Browns game

A historic snow storm is hitting a large chunk of the continental United States, perhaps the city of Buffalo, NY is one of the most affected. With six feet of snow reported already, the Buffalo Bills' game against the Cleveland Browns was relocated to the city of Detroit. But the problems didn't end there. Since last Friday, Bills players reported they weren't even able to make it to practice and had to do it through a zoom call. On Saturday, the hopes of Buffalo Bills players even making it to the airport apparently depends on their own fans.

Many different Bills players started sharing videos on their social media platforms of their neighbors helping out with snow plowing. Bills tight end Dawson Knox shared a video where many Bills fans who are also his neighbors are helping plow snow in order to opent he road for him. The game in Detroit is set to kick off at 1 p.m. local time but the players have to make it in time. Bills fans decided to take it upon themselves to help the team reach the airport so the game is not suspended and moved to a different weekend.

Bills will have two consecutive games in Detroit

Should they make it to the city of Detroit, the Buffalo Bills would have two stright games in this city. During the special Thanksgiving gameday, they are also set to face the Detroit Lions as visitors. This level of commitment from the Bills Mafia cannot be compared to other fan bases in the NFL. A historic snow storm is not enough to stop the resilience from all these fans who want to see their team succeed this season. Their current 6-3 record is more than enough motivation for the fans to help the team in any way they can.

After a heavy night of snow, the Bills Stadium currently has six feet of snow and it is completely impossible to play a football game there. The images are truly mesmerizing to watch, this blizzard has epic proportions. But there is light at the end of the tunnel as the city of Buffalo announced that the local airport reopened and the players will be able to make the trip. At least, the ones who manage to get there will board the plane that will take them to Detroit and face the Cleveland Browns.

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