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Iranian fans can't stop trolling Gareth Bale after win against Wales

Trolling has become a common theme at this World Cup. It all started with Argentina's shock defeat to Saudi Arabia, a defeat which unleashed a wave of trolling from fans of the Asian country. After the game, they photobombed several journalists and live streams to jubilantly celebrate their country's victory, and to light heartedly mock Messi for his poor performance- despite his goal from the penalty spot.

Now it's the turn of Iranian fans, who after their team clinched a last gasp win in the most dramatic of circumstances against Wales, mocked Gareth Bale for his lackluster and absent performance.

"Where was he?! Do you know where [Gareth] Bale went? Where did Bale go?, said one fan, to the amusement of his mates.

Chants of "where is Gareth Bale" were rife in the area outside the Ahmed bin Ali Stadium and they continued long into the night. There is now much optimism in the Iran camp that they can go on and beat the US and qualify for the knock-out rounds. If they were to reach Round 16, it would be just the second time in their history.

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