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Antonio Brown tries to avoid a Tom Brady defamation lawsuit with his latest Twitter post

Antonio Brown may be many things but he is not stupid, he knows exactly what he has been doing against Tom Brady. The problem is that nobody in the general public has any idea of the intention behind Brown's actions. At a certain moment, he mocks Tom Brady for his recent divorce and then paints him in a positive light through these messages. If his intentions are to criticize Brady in any form, he is not doing a great job at doing that. Months ago, AB released what seemed like a private message from Brady himself. In the text, Tom seems concerned about Antonio Brown's mental health.

From naked pictures of Gisele to divorce memes, these are AB's posts about Tom Brady and Gisele

On Saturday, Brown released a new message that has exactly the same effect as the lasat one. It's only encouraging messages from Tom Brady, who seems worried about a friend. Advices to not give up on his fight to find peace of mind and asking him to call when he needs help. Tom is just trying to be a good friend but Antonio Brown doesn't seem to think so. His latest tweet describes a possible scenario that would create an even stranger dynamic between these two. But Antonio Brown's actions do call for a possible law suit.

Could Tom Brady sue Antonio Brown for defamation?

Given all the different claims and trolling he's conducted against Tom Brady, Antonio Brown could very well get sued by the Buccaneers QB. Sharing these messages on Snapchat can be considered a violation of privacy but AB wanted to make sure he covered his back in case anything happened. He wrote the following tweet only a few moments ago: "I, Antonio Brown denied for record and on record that "Antonio Brown Releases Another Private Message From Tom Brady" hard proof demand for record and on record under penalty of perjury and 18 U.S. Code § 1001."

If Antonio Brown is already starting to leave written evidence of possible legal ramifications to his actions, he definitely thinks he could get sued. It's not just Tom Brady the one who has a good reason to sue him. In recent weeks, Brown has also attacked Gisele Bündchen with different types of antics online. If Brown is thinking about possible retaliation, it means something may very well happen soon. AB is already involved in some important legal issues but he remains innocent of anything until proven guilty.

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