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Fans attack ESPN analyst for pinning Damar Hamlin blame on Tee Higgins

The NFL is still in shock after Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin's heart stopped twice on the field during his team's game with the Cincinnati Bengals, after he made a tackle on Tee Higgins.

While almost nobody considered the Bengals wide receiver at fault for what turned out to be a random and unfortunate case of commotio cordis, there was one analyst who criticised Higgins.

Damar Hamlin: Buffalo & Cincinnati fans unite, hold vigil in support of the safety@Enquirer/@caraphoto23

That person is ESPN analyst Bart Scott, who has received criticism for his take and who was challenged on air by colleagues such as Stephen A Smith.

What did Bart Scott say about Tee Higgins and Damar Hamlin?

"Right before the tackle, [Higgins] lowers his helmet and he kind of throws his body into his chest," Scott said on ESPN.

"He's standing up because he's thinking he got to chase Tee Higgins at an angle to make a tackle so he didn't expect Tee Higgins to launch his body back into him.

"A lot of times, you see it as a linebacker when a running back comes through the hole and he knows the contact is coming so he lowers his helmet and you can't get underneath him so he's able to get into you and your chest is exposed.

"They have taken that out of the game, but they don't really regulate it as much as possible.

"I expect the league will be a lot more vigilant when it comes to that and using that penalty.

"The NFL has tried to take the head out of the game.

"We always associate [violent hits] with the defensive players in targeting and lowering their head, but they did put in the rule maybe five years ago that offensive players can't use the crown of their head, their helmet, as a weapon, which is kind of what Tee Higgins did.

"I'm not trying to put the blame on Tee Higgins, but that's something that they tried to take out. They never make that call."

Tee Higgins' message to Damar Hamlin

Meanwhile, Tee Higgins sent a message of support to the Bills player on social media.

My prayers and thoughts go out to Hamlin and the Hamlin Family," he tweeted.

"I'm praying that you pull through bro. Love."

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