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Miami Dolphins might consider Tom Brady as Tua Tagovailoa's replacement, per report

The entire world has been more focused on Tom Brady's failed love life and many other aspects that are in no way related to football. But his career is also taking an interesting turn over the last few days as the New England Patriots decided to make some major coaching staff changes. Many who miss Tom over there were quick to point out there might be an anticipated return but those are only rumors. A real report from ProFootballTalk's Mark Florio is suggesting that Tom Brady to the Miami Dolphins might actually be on the table and it could happen next season.

The situation with Tua Tagovailoa is dire as he keeps putting his life in danger by entering the concussion protocol. Naturally, the Dolphins aren't willing to risk putting his life in any more danger and they could already be looking for a viable replacement. This is where Tom Brady enters as a possible option to replace a player whose career has taken a dangerous turn. The plan would consist on two options. One is keeping Tua as Brady's replacement andthe other is to trade Tagovailoa to a new team.

The video of Tagovailoa's horrific concussion

Brady is a real possibility for the Dolphins

This is what Florio said on ProFootballTalk: "Could he once again be in play for Miami? As one source with general knowledge of the various dynamics regarding all things Brady (a source who firmly believed Brady could land with the Dolphins back in 2020) put it recently, the possibility is 'definitely on the table.' It's unclear whether the Dolphins would keep or move on from [Tua] Tagovailoa. He's due to make $4.738 million in 2023, the final year of his rookie deal. The Dolphins could keep him on the roster, as the backup to Brady - if Brady does indeed finally join the Dolphins.

"Tagovailoa also could be traded, if the Dolphins were to find a partner willing to assume the concussion risks that are now very real when it comes to putting Tua on the field." This unfortunately leaves Tua Tagovailoa in a difficult position as he goes into the final contract year of his rookie period. Even though he is already 45, Tom Brady is still a highly appealing prospect for many NFL team that might be looking for a great quarterback.

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