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Tom Brady hints at retirement after Damar Hamlin's horror injury

The images of Damar Hamlin's horror injury during the Buffalo Bills game vs the Cincinatti Bengals will remain in people's memories for a long time. He suffered a cardiac arrest and his heart was brought back by paramedics on the field. After that, he was taken to a medical center where he remains in critical condition. These images prompted reactions from many sports personalities such as Tom Brady. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback wrote a tweet in support of Hamlin while also making a reflection about the risk NFL players take every time they step on the field.

Tom Brady is a quarterback, one of the positions that take the biggest risks as both linemen and linebackers are after their heads during the game. Brady is well aware of the risks he takes on a constant basis but he still decides to go out there and play football. He's been fortunate to not suffer any terrible injuries such as Damar Hamlin's cardiac arrest or a concussion as Tua Tagovailoa. At age 45, Tom Brady does keep reflecting on a possible retirement before he suffers a similar fate.

Damar Hamlin: Buffalo & Cincinnati fans unite, hold vigil in support of the safety@Enquirer/@caraphoto23

Tom Brady's message to Damar Hamlin

On Tuesday morning, Tom Brady wrote a tweet in support of the Buffalo Bills' safety. This is what he wrote: "We're praying for Damar and his family this morning in Tampa. Moments like this put into perspective what it means to play this game we love. Thankful for our communities in Cincinnati and Buffalo for the overwhelming level of care and support I know they'll continue to provide."

Tom Brady only wrote that but didn't go into any more details about his retirement hint. For the longest time, we've known that all of Brady's family worries about him and these moments always put things in perspective for all NFL players. Damar Hamlin remains in critical condition after suffering a cardiac arrest on Monday and remains in the University of Cincinatti Medical Center for further testing and treatment. The safety is currently sedated and in critical condition.

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