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Mindblowing Chiefs vs Eagles statline proves why the Super Bowl seems so promising

Sunday February 12's Super Bowl LVII will feature probably one of the most belenced matchups in recent memory. In fact, there is a stat that the Philadelphia Eagles and the Kansas City Chiefs share that proves just how equalled both teams are just days before the big day. Next weekend, they will have a chance to rest and keep preparing for the big day as they watch the Pro-Bowl from their homes.

The stat line we are talking about are the number of points scored from each side throughout the entire season, including Playoff games. Get this, both Eagles and Chiefs have scored a grand total of 546 points since Week 1 of the NFL. Meaning they couldn't be more balanced for a game that will be extremely hard to call by all bettors. One of the only safe bets for the big game will perhaps be the over due to how many points both teams have scored this season.

Who's the favorite between Eagles and Chiefs?

It's not just that, both teams also have the exact same 16-3 record for the season and they are equally considered the strongest teams in the NFL this season. There seems to only be one decisive factor that could tip the scale for one side or the other. His name is Patrick Mahomes, the Kansas City Chiefs' quarterback. If he recovered from that ankle injury properly, Mahomes has the capacity to make the difference in this big game. His health and the health of other key teammates such as Hardman, Juju or Toney will be key in order to tip that scale in their favor.

The Philadelphia offense will also play a major factor in this game, which leaves the door open for them to seriously hurt each other during the game. In hindsight, we could potentially be in the presence of a historic day with many points scored between both sides. At this level of risk, mistakes are the factors that become more definitive and can win the game for either side. It's hard to call who will win the ring at the end of the game but we have a guaranteed fun time watching the biggest game of the year in NFL football. Who ya got?

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