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Raiders set their sights on Aaron Rodgers after Tom Brady's retirement

Ever since the Las Vegas Raiders announced that quarterback Derek Carr wasn't their starting quarterback anymore and him announcing his stint with the team has ended, many believed that Tom Brady would be retiring in Las Vegas under head coach Josh McDaniels, with whom Brady had massive success in New England while he was the offensive coordinator.

Tom Brady changed the Raiders plans with his retirement

Now Tom Brady has retired and insists it's for good this time, so the Raiders are looking elsewhere for Carr's replacement, with a report making rounds online about a possible Aaron Rodgers-Davante Adams reunion in Sin City.

Pro Football Talk is reporting that the Raiders were absolutely sure Brady would be available this offseason and now they're trying to secure Rodgers, but the odds don't seem that promising.

PFT reports that if in fact Rodgers decide to leave the Packers, he'd be more inclined to reunite with newly hired Jets offensive coordinator, Nathaniel Hackett, a coach with whom he had great success in Green Bay.

Davante Adams thinks Aaron Rodgers will live in his neighborhood

The Aaron Rodgers-Davante Adams offensive connection in Green Bay was super, being one of the most, or perhaps the most deadliest combo for opposing defenses, who despite knowing the ball was going to be thrown to Adams, couldn't stop the pair.

The wide receiver took to Twitter to say that Aaron Rodgers' neighborhood in Las Vegas would be the one Adams lives in.

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