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Rob Gronkowski welcomes Tom Brady to the 'Two-Time Retiree' club in funny post

Rob Gronkowski and Tom Brady are perhaps one of the most prolific duos in NFL history, they won Super Bowl rings together in two different franchises. The retired TE decided to call it quits after a decade with the New England Patriots in order to seek fortune and success in other ventures. His plan worked well but the urge to play the game again was a little too strong to resist.

Tom Brady himself was the only one who could convince him to make a comeback to the NFL. Together, they conquered a new Super Bowl ring with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Gronk decided to retire again. Until yesterday, he was the only one who pulled that move but Brady was close behind him.

After the major announcement, Rob Gronkowski wanted to joke with the legendary quarterback through his Twitter account. Countless memories will remain between the two of them. Brady considers Gronk a younger brother and he's repeatedly stated he would go to war with him.

This level of loyalty was shown by Gronk through a funny yet heartfelt message via his official Twitter account. The retired player posted a couple of pictures of their two stages in the NFL together and wrote: "Tommy, since I already wrote you a long retirement message last year, this time I shall say, welcome to the 2x retired club. You're a legend and you always will be, my friend."

Gronkowski and Brady, a match made in NFL heaven

Together, the dynamic duo managed to win three Super Bowl rings with the New England Patriots and one more with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. But the most compelling aspect of their partnership was watching them perform on the field. Every single drive they did together gave people a feeling they could communicate telepathically.

It was a connection that Brady only had with a select group of elite players throughout his entire career. Gronkowski was one of those fortunate people who could understand him perfectly on the field. The results and accolades are right there to prove it. Now that they are both retired, we will never get to see another one of those hype videos with both of them enjoying their spils of war.

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