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Footage of Gervonta Davis mocking Ryan Garcia's younger brother: He doesn't know anything!

New footage emerged this weekend showing Gervonta Davis mocking Ryan Garcia's younger brother before defeating his opponent in Las Vegas.

Tank Davis extended his perfect record to 29-0 by landing a brutal blow in the seventh round that forced Garcia to take a knee and wait for the countdown.

Ryan Garcia comforted by Conor McGregor after loss to Gervonta Davis

Before the bout, Garcia sent his younger brother, Sean Garcia, who is an inexperienced boxer with a 6-0-1 record, to oversee Davis' hands being bandaged.

The ritual is part of the protocol for every fight. A member of the opposing team enters the other fighter's locker room to be present and oversee the bandaging process. Team Ryan sent Sean and, when Davis saw it was him, he began to taunt him.

What did Gervonta Davis say about Ryan Garcia's brother?

The bandage moment was captured on the episode of Showtime's All Access series.

"He don't know nothing, he's a kid, he's still wet behind the ears," Davis was heard sayinh.

"Oh yeah, the rep get hard when you get wet.

"He ain't gonna know, he ain't been in the game long enough to know."

Sean responded by warning Davis that he will "feel it right away", but Davis hit back.

"I'm a different type of beast, I'm gonna hit him so hard, you're gonna feel it," Tank noted.

Sean engaged in several arguments with Davis during promotional events leading up to the fight.

Tank Davis did ultimately win the fight, establishing himself as one of boxing's biggest stars.

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