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Mattress Mack still 'angry' at Patrick Mahomes: Claims he lost millions because of him

Lots of people have a fair reason to dislike Patrick Mahomes in a sporting sense with the Kansas City Chiefs quarterback inflicting pain on his opponents all season long.

With the current NFL season yet to get underway, Mahomes is still enjoying some free weekends and he has chosen to spend this one at the Kentucky Derby and the Miami Grand Prix.

He had to experience some animosity at the famous horse race on Saturday though as he ran into famous betting machine Mattress Mack. He is known for making huge sporting bets at every given opportunity.

Patrick Mahomes and Mattress Mack linked up at the Kentucky Derby

Last year, Mack set a U.S. sports-betting record when he won 75 million dollars betting on the Astros to win the World Series.

Just because he has won huge sums in the past, it does not mean that he doesn't hold grudges against those that have cost him money on lost bets. Mahomes did just that in 2019 and he got the chance to set the record straight with the quarterback.

How Mahomes cost Mattress Mack millions

As has been reported by Sports Illustrated, Mack bet against Mahomes' Chiefs two weeks in a row. He bet on the Texans to beat the Chiefs in the AFC divisional round that year. Bad decision. The Chiefs came back from being down 24-0 to win 51-31.

"You cost me millions betting against you," Mattress Mack told the Chiefs QB.

"I appreciate it. Sorry about that one. You gotta be with me next time," Mahomes responded jokingly.

It was reported that Mack actually didn't make any bets on the Super Bowl that Mahomes recently won with the Kansas City Chiefs, perhaps learning his lesson.

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