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Carson Wentz executes bear with bow and arrow calls it 'an incredible animal'

Free agent NFL quarterback Carson Wentz checked off an item from his bucket list after hunting down a black bear in Alaska with a bow and arrow. He shared a picture of himself posing next to the slain animal Friday on Instagram.

Wentz, 30, called the bear "an incredible animal" and received mixed reactions to his photo, with some praising the kill, and others bashing him for cruelty.

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"Got the opportunity to spot and stalk a black bear in one of our new favorite places on earth, Alaska," Wentz wrote. "Incredible trip and an incredible animal!"

Wentz also shared the image to the @wentzbrosoutdoors IG page, which he shares with brother Zach, who was also at the Alaska hunt.

They often post photos of their prey, including birds, ducks and even deer, but the bear is by far the biggest kill.

Carson Wentz trolled for lack of accuracy

While Wentz legally killing a bear in Alaska opened the conversation of animal rights versus hunting privileges, some fans just took the opportunity to troll him.

One of the most common jokes in the comments section was that Wentz would be a much better QB with that kind of accuracy on the field.

Wentz is currently open to being a second-string quarterback following poor runs with the Washington Commanders and Indianapolis Colts.

The next franchise Wentz joins will be his fourth different team in as many years. He has yet to find success in the league since leaving the Philadelphia Eagles in 2020.

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