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Controversy over ESPN article on Jokic that some label racist

With Nikola Jokic having led the Denver Nuggets to the promised land of the NBA Championship, now appears to be the time where individuals in the media try and drag him down.

Jokic was the perfect player for the Nuggets as they defeated the Miami Heat inside five games, but his brilliance on the court doesn't seem to be enough for writers with an agenda.

ESPN has been in the limelight of late for their coverage of the sport, and this has taken a rather uneasy turn after it emerged one of their writers had penned a rather racially insensitive piece about Jokic, and it slipped through the editing net.

The sports network was widely slammed for the publication of William C. Rhoden's article about both Nikola Jokic and Larry Bird, with many labelling it outright racism and calling the author a 'race grifter'.

"Jokic's performance speaks for itself, but there are many more miles to travel before he sits with the greatest," Rhoden wrote on Twitter.

People believe Rhoden is biased against Jokic

What has particularly angered people about the article has been the apparent double-standards in editing practices.

Rhoden, an African-American, is seen to be critical of the lauding of a white basketball player.

"My issue is not with proclamations of Jokic's greatness, but with the premature coronation of Jokic as the greatest ever, the greatest of all time, the best center the NBA has ever seen, the best of all time," Rhoden penned.

Outkick.com has done some research online and failed to find any examples of Jokic being labelled as the 'GOAT', with the same editorial accusing Rhoden of making it up to suit his agenda-driven piece.

This is a very difficult subject, especially at a time when other African-American NBA reporters have moved to discredit the Serbian center.

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