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Deoin Sanders undergoes successful blood clot surgery avoids amputation for now

A few days back, we reported con Deion Sanders meeting with doctors who dropped some extremely concerning news to him about his blood clot issue on both legs. Coach Prime was told that a pending medical procedure was so dangerous, he could actually get his entire foot amputated. Months prior to this, he already had his big and second toes amputated due to the same issue. But losing all sensibility on the same foot made doctors realize that a new procedure was urgently needed. It was scheduled for this Saturday as all his players and friends were deeply concerned about him. Regardless of the severity in this situation, the famous coach was always positive about it and he was even thinking about coaching the team with the amputated foot.

In an Instagram post, Coach Prime wrote the following: "As you know, I've faced some medical challenges with my foot but I've never said 'WHY ME. I keep moving forward, progressing...See you never know what a person may be going through while I sit in your seat of [judgment], but you can trust and believe that we are all going through something. Just keep thefaith and know that if He brought you to it, He will bring you through it... I'm CoachPrime and I'm built for this. I want to do it this summer because when we get rolling, I'm not going to have time to do it. This is the best downtime I have."

Was Coach Prime's foot amputated?

The surgery has passed and we have some news about Deion Sanders, his foot wasn't amputated and the blood clot procedure was 100% successful. His girlfriend announced that Sanders is okay and resting at the moment after the procedure. It was quite the harrowing experience for every single one of his loved ones but the coach will be okay. However, this doesn't mean that he is out of danger at 100%. The issue with the blood clots could persist and his doctors may find new challenges to overcome. For now, the coach gets to keep his foot and the recovery process will determine what other steps he'll need to take in order to recover completely.

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