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Jake Paul calls out Dana White over Fury-Jones fight possibility

In the fast-paced world of combat sports, a fiery exchange has erupted, captivating fans worldwide. The focus of the debate? The ultimate showdown between Jon Jones and Tyson Fury. UFC commentator Joe Rogan ignited the discussion with his bold claim that 'Jonny Bones' would outmatch the WBC heavyweight champion. This debate quickly escalated, drawing the attention of none other than the influential figure ofDana White.

Known for his ability to make things happen, White proposed the idea of organizing a fight between Fury and Jones. However, much to the dismay of fans, Fury turned down the offer, leaving the possibility of settling the score in the ring hanging in the balance.

Recently, the UFC president revisited the topic, suggesting the potential for a highly lucrative money fight between Fury and Jones. White's proposition garnered both excitement and skepticism from fans and pundits alike, but an unexpected critic emerged: Jake Paul. With his trademark audacity, Paul took to Twitter to unleash scathing remarks directed at the UFC president.

In his tweet, the 26-year-old sensation wasted no time in stirring the pot. He referenced Dana White's previous comment about Jon Jones potentially moving to the middleweight division if he were to face Francis Ngannou. "Wasn't Dana the same person that said 'If I'm Jon Jones watching Francis Ngannou, I'm moving to 185 pounds'?...yes he 100% was," Paul wrote. The social media star went on to imply that Dana White had acknowledged Ngannou as the baddest man on the planet while having control over him.

Jake Paul points out Dana White's hypocrisy and controversial tactics

Paul didn't stop there. He called out White's alleged hypocrisy, mentioning the UFC president's statement about not engaging in gimmick fights. Paul also criticized White's decision to introduce an arbitrary belt to divert attention from Francis joining the Professional Fighters League (PFL) and his current pursuit of booking Tyson Fury for an MMA fight. The final blow from Paul was a reminder that White had paid Conor McGregor but failed to compensate Floyd Mayweather for their high-profile boxing match.

This tweet from Jake Paul represents yet another instance of the YouTuber-turned-boxer taking a swipe at the UFC's top brass. While it may not be his first jab at Dana White, this particular exchange stands out as one of the most impactful. The ongoing feud between Paul and White continues to ignite interest and speculation among combat sports enthusiasts, leaving everyone wondering what verbal blows will be exchanged next.

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