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Nate Diaz hints he may bow out of the Jake Paul fight due to cannabis restrictions

Nate Diaz and Jake Paul already did a press conference in which they are already promoting their upcoming August fight. After a long and successful career in the UFC, Nate decided to try his luck at celebrity boxing and get soem revenge for the MMA community against Jake Paul. It's either that or Nate Diaz is getting a fat payday to fight one of the world's biggest Youtubers. But during the entire press conference shenanigans, ther ewas a moment that most people ignored but it can become a serious problem for Nate Diaz. Those who know Nate are aware of how much he loves smoking cannabis. This man is on Whiz Khalifa, Snoop Dogg, and Willie Nelson levels of pothead.

Nate gets to soke at least a couple of joints per day, that's the way he likes to live and that's the way he operates. There is a problem though, the fight is supposed to take place in the state of Texas. We are talking about one of the most strict states in the entire country with drug laws. This means that in the combat sports community, there are many strict laws that force them to deliver a completely clean drug test. A test that obviously includes cannabis because it remains a Schedule 1 substance inside their laws. Nate does not like this and he even reacted to these strict laws with a hilarious Homer Simpson GIF with the following caption: "We gonna have to move states."

Would Nate Diaz bow out of the fight for this reason alone?

There are people who need cannabis in order to survive the day, especially people with anger issues. Nate Diaz always seemed like a man who does need to be more sedated than usual in order to remain chill. In his case, not being able to smoke for a prolongued period of time simply does not work with his daily life. THC in the bloodstream or inside urine for tests takes up to three weeks of zero consumption in order to disappear. We are certain Jake Paul wouldn't have a problem making modifications to the place where he will fight Nate Diaz, right?

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