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Keys to Game 5 of the NBA Finals: Will Tyler Herro come to the Miami Heat's rescue?

Just a few hours until the game five of the NBA finals here in the Ball Arena. The Nuggets are ready to be the champions in front of the crowd. In my opinion, if they are able to repeat the same consistency that we saw in Miami last Friday, I mean, not only Jokic, not only Murray but the whole team as we saw in the last quarter, last Friday for sure, they'll be closer to be the NBA champions.

The image of the day is Tyler Herro for the very first time we saw him playing in front of the media with contact with the rest of the players. He could be a big addition to the game five, but the Heat needs more efficiency as well from the perimeter for the rest of the players (Strus, Martin, Vincent) and also the best version of Jimmy Butler, the version that we saw in the first three series against the Bucks, the Knicks and the Celtics.

The funniest part of the media attendance today was when Eric Spoelstra was asked about Burnie the hit mascot that as you know, was knocked by Conor McGregor last Friday and had to be attended in the emergency room.

Let's see if Burnie is part of the NBA finals again, it would be in an hypothetical game six in Miami next Thursday. But before in less than 24 hours, we have here in the Ball Arena game five, the Heat facing their first must win game in a long, long time.

And the Nuggets with the chance to make history, with the chance to be the NBA champions for the first time.

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