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Reality TV star Joseline Hernandez batters woman as Mayweather fight sets off riot

Joseline Hernandez, a reality television star, was caught on video berating a woman at the FLA Live Arena in Florida on Sunday night after Floyd Mayweather's exhibition fight turned into a riot.

It's unclear what set off the fight between the reality TV star and the mystery woman, who ended up without her blouse, but it did not end there. Hernandez also kicked her head a few times while she was down.

Joseline Hernandez fighting at the Floyd Mayweather vs Gotti fightTwitter

When a security guard tried to deescalate the situation, Hernandez slapped him multiple times, then went on to hit another random woman.

The second woman retaliated by throwing a drink at Hernandez, who then started chasing her with a group of friends.

One person can be seen striking the second woman from behind as those in the video gasped in shock.

What set off the riot at Mayweather fight?

Mayweather, 46, was fighting John Gotti III when the referee decided to stop the contest due to both men talking trash to each other nonstop.

Gotti, 30, then continued to attack Mayweather and a huge brawl broke out inside the ring, lasting for nearly five minutes before spreading to the crowd.

Hernandez, 36, is just one example of several altercations that went on after the Mayweather fight ended. She is best known for appearing on VH1's Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta, where she constantly loses her cool.

Mayweather did not seem to take the brawl seriously as he sat on top of the ropes with a wide grin on his face while watching the chaos unfold.

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