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Dak Prescott's interception promise already in doubt after viral practice moment

Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott is already showing signs of struggling with interceptions ahead of the new NFL season kicking off.

Prescott has struggled to keep critics at bay following his leg break two years ago. While he led the Cowboys to the playoffs last season, his interceptions were a real concern, leading the league in that department.

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Dak Prescott's interceptions target

In a recent media appearance, Prescott declared that he wouldn't have more than 10 interceptions this year.

That's a high bar to set, but the Cowboys did later come out to clarify that Prescott was "misquoted", claiming that he meant tipped interceptions.

Unfortunately for the Dallas QB, a video has now gone viral from training camp showing a tipped interception that was caught by rookie and sixth-round draft pick Eric Scott.

That's not a good start, but it's worth noting that the receiver should have caught the ball, and it was not an errant throw from Prescott that caused the interception.

There is also the factor of this being a practice session, and this is where these sorts of mistakes are supposed to take place.

In fact, Prescott actually spoke about the talent of the Cowboys' secondary recently.

"Mike does an amazing job with those guys," he said, speaking about head coach Mike McCarthy.

"They know where to be, and why to be when they're getting looked at. That's going to be a big jump."

There will be no panic for now, but come the start of the season in September there will be plenty of eyes on Prescott to see whether he can improve his interception rate.

When an interception does come, there will be big questions over how he responds to it.

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