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Justin Jefferson: My contract will sort itself out, I'm focused on winning the Super Bowl

Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Justin Jefferson is actively engaged in training camp and has not considered sitting out practices as a tactic to pressure the team into renegotiating his contract.

Despite having two years left on his rookie deal and only earning a salary of 2.4 million dollars this season, Jefferson's primary focus is on achieving a championship victory.

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For him, missing any practice time would be counterproductive to his ultimate objective of contributing to the Vikings' success in winning the Super Bowl.

Justin Jefferson discusses contract

"That's not the worries I have right now," Jefferson said when asked about his deal.

"It's really about winning a Super Bowl, just getting the wins and being with my team.

"The contract is going to play itself. I'm just out here to play football.

"That's the main goal, really, just winning. Just getting to the main stage that we all want to achieve, and it all starts here.

"It all starts with connecting with one another, being a team, and executing these plays.

"I love being a face of the league. But I'll be even more a face of the league when I win a Super Bowl."

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