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Floyd Mayweather warns Canelo Alvarez: He's a great fighter, but he doesn't look the same

Saul 'Canelo' Alvarez has faced consistent criticism in Mexico for his recent boxing matches, with arguments that he hasn't taken on the most formidable opponents.

However, on an international scale, Canelo has gained recognition as the world's best or one of the finest pound-for-pound fighters.

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Floyd Mayweather discusses Canelo Alvarez

Floyd Mayweather, the first opponent who defeated the Mexican, stressed that Alvarez has already showcased his skills, but he added that he's not performing at the same level as before.

"People are like, oh Canelo is cherry-picking, Floyd Is cherry-picking," Mayweather said in an interview with FightHype.

"What I have to say to Canelo is this, you proved yourself already. You've fought a lot of great fighters, you've tested yourself, you went up in weight to numerous weight classes.

"Like myself, and other fighters throughout the years, Canelo is a great fighter.

"But now everyone is saying he's not the same fighter anymore. And it's true, he doesn't look the same.

"But, let's remember one thing. When I beat Canelo, I was older than Canelo is today. Now imagine Canelo at 36 fighting me at 36.

"Everybody says Canelo is on the decline, but remember when I was 36 years old I fought him. He was 23 years old and had 43 fights, but said he didn't have enough experience."

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