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Jake Paul blasts Logan Paul: You're not even a fighter, you don't fight real fights

There was some sibling rivalry during the latest episode of Jake Paul and Logan Paul's podcast, with the younger brother hitting out as his older sibling for talking himself up.

Logan Paul was talking about a potential clash with Tommy Fury, which led to an argument between the brothers.

Jake Paul shows off his knockout punches and asks who is next?Marca

Jake Paul, who suffered his only professional loss to Tommy Fury in February, insisted that he should get a second shot at the Englishman before Logan Paul has a first go.

To that, Logan Paul accused his brother of "sniping the Nate Diaz fight" away from him and said he had "been so lenient" in giving Jake Paul opponents.

Jake Paul's criticism of Logan Paul

That sparked a heated exchange between the two brothers, as Jake Paul took issue with the idea that Logan Paul cedes opponents to him.

"It's not your option to give me my opponents," the younger brother fired back.

"You haven't fought anyone and you don't fight real fights.

"It's not your option to give me my opponents, you're not even a fighter.

"You do exhibitions and lost like four years ago, so it's not like your option to give me my fights."

Logan Paul insisted he was better than his brother, who wasn't letting the issue go.

"But what have you done to prove that you're better than me?" Jake Paul asked.

"You think because you lost a fight to Floyd Mayweather that you're better than me at boxing?"

The other guests on the podcast also brought up the fact that Logan Paul hasn't knocked anybody out yet in boxing, having decided to focus on other combat sports.

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