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Mike Tyson warns Fury: I'm not easily impressed but Ngannou knows how to box

Francis Ngannou wanted to box from a very young age, although his father first took him down a very different path: street fighting. The reason he wanted to put on the gloves was none other than the influence his idol Mike Tyson had on him.

At the age of 22, the Cameroonian changed cities and sold a motorcycle he owned to buy his boxing equipment.

Life took him down different paths until he finally decided to embark on a long journey to France. His story is well known and after being heavyweight champion in UFC he left the company and now he will change gloves for gloves to fight against Tyson Fury, world champion by the World Boxing Council (WBC), although without the title at stake.

The duel will take place on October 28 in Riyadh (Saudi Arabia). The purse will be stratospheric.

Most fans think that, although 'The Predator' is a force of nature, he has no choice against someone as experienced - and as big - as 'Gypsy King'.

Mike, the youngest heavyweight world champion in history, has been warning Fury himself for days. He believes Ngannou is a good fighter and is giving him a hand in his preparation.

'Iron Mike' has just sent a very clear message about what he is seeing in the Cameroonian fighter: "I'm not easily impressed, but Ngannou knows how to box," he said on social media.

John Fury, father of the 'Gypsy King', believes his son has picked the wrong opponent: "What I expect from this fight is for Tyson to come out with a broken leg or arm. I'm glad he's getting paid well, because if he didn't get paid well I wouldn't match him against Ngannou. He's going to get hit hard and he knows it; they're going to kill each other," said the senior Fury.

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