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Parsons calls out Colorado State player: The hit on Travis Hunter was so dirty

Dallas Cowboys' linebacker Micah Parsons is the latest voice to criticize a college football tackle that forced the Colorado Buffaloes' Travis Hunter to leave the game through injury.

Henry Blackburn, a player on the opposing Colorado State Rams, was not ejected for his late hit and has since been slammed for his actions.

"What did throw me off was the hit on Travis Hunter, I thought that was so malicious and dirty and I thought that guy should have got ejected," the NFL star said to Bleacher Report when discussing the weekend's game, which the Buffaloes won 43-35.

"That was something that you hate to see in football."

"We need to protect our brothers here, man.

"Listen, life is way bigger past football, but this right here is not OK.

"Travis Hunter, you don't deserve that."


Deion Sanders on the Travis Hunter hit

Colorado Buffaloes head coach Deion Sanders said that his player suffered a lacerated liver and will miss three weeks of the season, but Hunter didn't apply any blame to Blackburn.

"Something like that is going to happen on the field sooner or later," Hunter said.

"You just got to get up and fight again. That's what I tried to do, get up and fight. Good thing the doctors stopped me."

What happened between Travis Hunter and Henry Blackburn?

The moment happened as Hunter ran down the left side of the field looking to receive a throw from his quarterback whilst being chased by a defender, who was legally duelling to stop Hunter.

Blackburn, seemingly noticing the risk of a touchdown, came across and bodychecked Hunter with his shoulder at the 30 yards line.

Hunter immediately collapsed to the ground in visible agony and pulled his helmet off, as his teammates rushed over to confront Blackburn.

The defensive back appeared to show no remorse, walking away from his stricken fellow college player.

For his troubles, his side conceded a 15 yard penalty on a first down but many, such as Parsons, felt it should have been a lot more.

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